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The Best Golf Hat (That Doesn’t Look Like a Golf Hat)

The modern day golf hat should look and feel great, but should also be versatile enough for both on and off the course.

There are many options for golf hats today. So how do you narrow it down to a hat with the right balance of fashion and function?

Fortunately for you, we were also on the quest for a hat that has just the right touch of design, but fits the bill (no pun intended) for the golf course and beyond.

Throughout the design process of our hats, we considered every component to create the perfect hat. Aesthetically, it must look great and work with many outfits.

Function wise, it must hold up to the elements, whether you’re working out in the gym, or just running an errand to the grocery store.

Here are some of the key advantages that our Daily Tech Hat delivers.


Nostrand Sports Tech Hat Black Golf Hat Performance Hat


The design of this hat doesn’t scream golf. While it has all the technical components of a modern day golf hat, it is simply much more than that.

Let’s face it, most of us are not pros and don’t need to be a free billboard for a tour brand.

With that being said, the Daily Tech Hat branding is sleek and subtle.

It features a classic 5-panel mid-crown silhouette with our signature script logo on the front panel in tonal embroidery. This allows you to wear it with just about any outfit, while showing a hint of design (for those who still like a good logo).


Nostrand Sports Tech Hat Black Golf Hat Performance Hat


The fit of a hat is critical. This is the difference between actually wearing a hat or it collecting dust in the closet. It needs to have that “oh this feels nice” within seconds of trying it on to be a go-to hat in your rotation.

The hat comes with an adjustable snapback closure, but the real game changer is the material used throughout. 

The Daily Tech Hat is made from lightweight and breathable fabric that consists of 97% polyester and 3% spandex to hug your head just right. Not too tight, not too loose.


Nostrand Sports Tech Hat Navy Blue Golf Hat Performance Hat


Another area of the hat that is critical to how it feels on your head is the technology used for the sweatband. This part of the hat makes the most consistent contact with your head so it has to feel great.

The Nostrand Daily Tech Hat utilizes a micro perforated polyester and foam lined sweatband. This is great for sweat wicking and breathability for hot days on the course or during a high intensity workout.

Our favorite quality aside from the sweat wicking technology is how comfortable it sits on your head. We’ve been told that people forget they are wearing a hat. That’s how comfortable it feels. 


One of the hardest things is having to part ways with your favorite hat because it has those rotten sweat marks or a foul odor.

The performance fibers used in our hats wicks sweat rapidly, not allowing sweat and moisture to absorb into the fabric. Therefore, you will not see sweat marks on your hat.


As much as we love golf, our goal was to create one hat that can also be worn to the office, a workout, or even a night out.

For many years golfers subscribed to the stereotypical pro shop outfit, and when you went anywhere afterwards you looked like you just came from the golf course.

The Daily Tech hat looks great with a polo, but looks just as great with a pair of activewear bottoms and a t-shirt.

For more information, or to purchase your Daily Tech Hat click our here.